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Birthday Party

Ready for an outdoor birthday adventure?

Our birthday parties include faciliated games and craft activities but incorporate calmer free play moments, too.

We adopt the party around the birthday child's interest to make it personal and fun. In the past we had a Robin Hood themed party and an outdoor cooking focused one. We are open to all ideas!

 The most popular activities include den building, fire lighting and cooking, woodland crafts  and games (such as Treasure Hunts and Capture the Flag). 

Marshmallows and a woodland gift for the birthday child are included. Hosts are welcome to bring any other food that they’d like to provide. We’ll also have a table set up for any drinks, cakes etc. that you intend to bring.

Price and times:

£15 per child (12 children minimum)


Every birthday lasts 2,5 hours and parents are welcome to stay if they wish so.

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