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Forest School Ethos

What is Forest School?

Forest School was developed in the UK in the 1990’s, after a group of nursery nurses and lecturers from Bridgewater collage visited Denmark to look at the pre-school system. They were inspired by what they saw, with their largely outdoor based provision. Forest School, with its Holistic approach to learning has been seen to boost children’s confidence, motivation, self-esteem and improve their behavior, social skills and independence through playing, exploring and engaging in a wide range of activities.

What can Forest Schools do for children and young people?


  • the Forest School Project provides ways for meeting socially whilst developing practical life skills

  • many children benefit from and prefer a practical element to their learning and achieve levels of success

  • the Forest School Project has additional physical, social and health benefits for children and young people who are leading increasingly indoor lives

  • children become more confident in their own natural environments and acquire a deeper understanding about environmental issues

  • Forest Schools are particularly successful in developing self esteem, confidence and motivation.

Our Vision

We envision a supportive, inclusive and natural environment where children and young adults can grow alongside nature and feel curious and brave to explore nature with us. 

Links and Research on Forest Schools

A marvellous opportunity for children to learn 
A participatory evaluation of Forest School in England & Wales


Research by Murray & O’Brien on behalf of the New Economics Foundation shows how forest school can help meet government targets as laid out under ‘Every Child Matters'(DfES 2004)

Impacts of Long Term Forest School Programmes on Children’s Resilience, Confidence and Wellbeing – Sarah Blackwell 

A study by Sarah Blackwell looking at the effects of long term forests school programmes on the resilience, confidence and wellbeing of children and “established that long term Forest Schools programmes had positive impacts on children’s resilience, confidence and wellbeing”.

OWL Scotland website

OWL Scotland is dedicated to increasing opportunities for outdoor learning in and around woodlands through the local OWL Scotland network.  The website also has a range of resources and links to help you on your outdoor learning journey.


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