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Mill of Benholm Site

We feel very luck to start working at the woods by Mill of Benholm, which offer a stream, a willow dome, a fire place and at the moment gooseberries and raspberries too! Come and explore with us!


To get started, we need a minimum of 8 children to sign-up to our 1 month forest school pilot project. The sessions will be held every Friday from the 16thh of September - 7th of October. 

Benholm Afternoon Club

After school we can burn off some energy with games and have some calm moments with free play. We will make fires for hot drinks and find out how nature changes with every week. The beginning and end will be around the fire place to have time to reflect and plan games. With time we will also introduce tools to do some craft activities.

Toddler and Preschooler morning session

We start the morning with a stroll around the woods, moving towards the fire place where we can share stories and begin planning some games whether laying in hammocks or exploring the stream, we will bring time and space to slow down and interact with nature. All sessions are child led, yet we will also have some prepared.activities ready, too.

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